kitchen and living

model 100 special

A definition of modernity: design, lightness and conviviality

Contemporary spaces are characterized by the absence of strict separation between a place where food is cooked and a place where food is consumed.
Kitchen, living room and dining room become a unique environment, a space devoted to conviviality.
The 100 special kitchen is designed for this type of contemporary space.
In the central island there are a hob and a sink, so you can cook while facing your guests. The large snack-bar is used to welcome and have a conversation during food preparation. The taste of design is in the aesthetic and chromatic choices: the glossy lacquered olive green of the furniture, the furnishing hood, the groove handle in wood finish, the split oak of the snack countertop and the boiserie.
The central island is also a hymn to the lightness of modernity. The set of island furniture seems to be suspended
in a vacuum. The glass base is not a pure aesthetic mannerism: it is the glass that supports everything. An example of design as a synthesis of form and function. And the search for lightness does not end with the glass base. The wooden snack countertop, with a great thickness, comes out from the block of the island. An authentic piece of suspended wood, without the need for any support, anchored to the piece of furniture suspended on the clear transparent glass: magical.

The expertly polished cantilevered split oak snack countertop fits perfectly into the furniture and ends exactly in line with the “Corian” top. Suspended on the hob, the Audrey Sense furnishing hood by Elica enhances even more the lightness of the 100 special kitchen.
Nella parte verticale della cucina 100 special trovano alloggio gli elettrodomestici da incasso. Gli armadi alti, esaltati nella loro verticalità dalla maniglia a gola in finitura legno, compongono una geometria perfetta con le linee orizzontali dell’isola. Ma la cucina non è soltanto una cucina. Accanto agli armadi abbiamo una boiserie in rovere a spacco con mensole illuminate a led. Un altro segnale della contemporaneità della cucina 100 special: la cucina non finisce, ma continua e diventa sala da pranzo, studio, living.

Light green and oak dress an example of kitchen design

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