Custom-made kitchens and living rooms from conception to realisation

Jana makes custom kitchens. Every kitchen is unique and special, because the needs of each client are unique and special. And on the needs of every customer, Jana makes a product that has the care and value of a tailored suit.
Jana has passed the concept of mass production. Jana’s production process combines craftsmanship and technological innovation and allows to reach exclusive levels of personalization in every aspect of the product and in every step of the realisation.

Jana’s technicians assist the customer from conception to design, from materials’ choice to the selection of accessories and domestic appliances, to reach the production of a kitchen perfectly in line with the needs expressed in terms of taste, style, habits, environment and budget.

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The care and uniqueness of an artisanal know-how along with the reliability and precision of a highly technological industrial product.

In line with market trends and to offer an even more personalised design proposal, Jana also realises custom-made living rooms that meet the same standards of kitchen’s craftsmanship.
For both kitchens and living rooms, Jana offers a wide range of wood textures and matte and gloss lacquered finishes in the RAL and NCS colour scales. It also proposes some innovative finishes that create the mortar and “Corten” effect, and natural materials, such as stones, marbles and technical ceramics.

Technology, reliability and design are the characteristics that guide Jana in the choice of excellent technical components, the vast range of available accessories and the best domestic appliances’ brands on the market. Furthermore, Jana designs and implements customized, innovative and exclusive technological solutions.

Artisanal know-how and technological innovation

To meet the needs of every customer