Perfection starts with the choice of the materials

Quality is an important value that we constantly pursue thanks to a careful search of high-quality and durable materials produced in full respect of the environment.

Our goal is to create a functional design, elegant and of high value.

Each panel is made with the utmost care and precision.
The doors have a thickness of 25 mm and perfect finishing of edges that allow you to achieve an excellent result.

We care about the future of the environment.
For this reason we only use materials with low environmental impact, products with minimal content of formaldahyde and water repellant properties.
The result is the creation of kitchens and living spaces, that are safe, comfortable and of only the highest quality.

Different coatings for very thick doors. Nice from the outside and strong inside.



The door panels are treated with certified materials and workmanship, and wear-tested to make them long lasting.


special lacquered

A wide range of colors and finishes will allow you to shape the kitchen of your dreams. Maximum customization in every detail. Vibrancy of colors in line with current trends, and to create environments with quality solutions and strong character.

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Jana’s technicians assist the customer from conception to design, from materials’ choice to the selection of accessories and domestic appliances, to reach the production of a kitchen perfectly in line with the needs expressed in terms of taste, style, habits, environment and budget.