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Model 600

A sophisticated example of balance between the desire of modernity and taste of tradition

The 600 kitchen furnishes a large open-space. On the wall a series of two-depth cabinets alternates with full-height glass cabinets and houses the domestic appliances. In the island composition, there are sink and hob. A wooden snack countertop is based on the island, on one side, and on a glass support, on the other.

The balance of the composition is held on this glass support. The warm wood texture of the snack countertop in “Canaletto” walnut with thick staves and well-visible veins, is supported by the glass, thin and strong together.
The light passes through the clear transparent glass and the wooden countertop seems to be suspended in a vacuum. A balance of materials that defines the balance of style between the glass’ luminous modernity and the material tradition of wood.

The wood’s material texture and the glass’ luminous lightness

The mutual exaltation of wood and glass continues on the full-height glass cabinets where the clear transparent front shows the interior in “Canaletto” walnut with slats, lit with LEDs. The same finish can be found in the flat groove handles with a 35º cut.
The fronts are matte lacquered grey.

On the island the balance between modernity and tradition is declined in the integration between technology and materiality. The wonderful black “Marquinia” marble top rises from the side and covers the entire length of the island up to the snack countertop.
The sink is integrated into the countertop and there is no gap in height between the hob and the countertop itself.
Among the incredible white veins of “Marquinia” marble, you can just touch a button to see the NEFF’s Airdeluxe 300 built-in hood appears. A second touch and the hood disappears completely in the countertop, to return to the perfect horizontal lines of the island.

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