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model ONETWONE 121

An elegant kitchen and a space always in order thanks to a technological magic

The Onetwone 121 kitchen’s technological magic is hidden in the island element of the composition.

The light touch of a button on a remote control allows you to operate the electric mechanism that raises the countertop and reveals a complete set-up of sink, hob and wet bar.

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A second light touch and the countertop slowly comes down until it reallocates itself to the doors of the kitchen. Thus, we find a completely free surface, glossy lacquered mother-of-pearl, like the doors, in an elegant composition for a perfectly tidy space.

The hob is a technological jewel inserted in a refined marble countertop

The countertop of the Onetwone 121 kitchen’s island unit and the integrated sink are in light Emperador marble: an example of the excellence of quality and taste of the materials chosen. The Nikola Tesla induction hob with integrated hood is a technological innovation created by Elica.

Hob and hood in a single domestic appliance that “guarantees high performance in terms of fume capture, silence and energy efficiency “. Under the countertop, hidden in the doors of the base, there are four seats.

Installed on wheels, they can be removed and moved around with ease and comfort. On the other side of the island element’s base we find a storage space with two drawers and a basket, installed on cushioned and electrified rails. Once the fronts are closed, there you will see again the elegant and clear lines that are unique to the design of the Onetwone 121 kitchen.

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